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Okay professor so I didn’t TECHNICALLY complete my homework but check out my level 100 MegaBlaziken

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"Steer us clear of that thing!"

"That’s the idea."

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6,609 plays Undisclosed Desires Muse The Resistance

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I forgot to check if this story was going around tumblr when it happened, so I’m pointing it out a little late for the obvious comparison. Dad Egbert, what did KFC ever do to you??

The Seattle PD report that a dispatcher alerted officers that an “Unknown male was throwing cake at employees,” and more importantly, that the KFC “can no longer sell the cake.” […]

The incident happened over the weekend, when workers at the store say a man entered the restaurant and began tossing the cake around.

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Dark Souls - Dark Sun Gwyndolin Cosplay by Cloud-Dark

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